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The pioneer in design and quality. No other kitchen collection was so defining for the German kitchen industry like systemat. The combination of avant-garde elements, natural materials and innovative technology combining elegance, class and luxury to a perfect overall work. A systemat kitchen inspires you anew each day. Systemat offers you full freedom of design. Fulfill all your dreams in design and functionality.

AV 6000 – absolute serenity

The harmonious unison of black fronts and dark wood tones complements the AV 6000 with an unique charme, but convinces on the other hand with absolute serenity.

The AV 6000 is made for open room concepts where the colour palette is in balance with the interior design.

Fall in love with AV 6000

Straightforward and elegant – the modern version

Clear structure, fantastic fronts and a concise form definition are characteristic features of the systemat kitchen collection.

This results in precious design, functional technology, sophisticated details and superior processing. Each kitchen solution is perfectly integrated into every room concept and develops an impressive presence.

AV 2045 – modern and high-quality

White fronts in combination with the extravagant, marble coloured surface form an exciting bond. The filigree, light lines of the dark background skillfully loosen up the design. 

Striking shapes harmonise with soft highlights. The kitchen AV 2045 combines opposites with playful ease.

Follow the combination of AV 2045

AV 6084 - straight, distinct, puristic

The dark fronts in volcano oak skillfully create a contrast to the grey industrial steel elements. This kitchen stays pleasantly reserved but without losing its impressive charisma. The transition from kitchen to home furniture is smooth.

AV 6080 walnut GL . AV 6000 RAL

Puristic and reserved – the
handleless kitchen

systematART is the name for kitchen solutions from Häcker for cabinets without handles or knobs. Depending on the selected option, the channel handles, attached to the carcase, are either discreetly reserved or centre of interest with illuminated LED light profiles.

Tipmatic Softclose allows, that with a single slight push, pull-outs and drawers slide out, as if by magic. The appearance of the front is not interrupted by a single handle, thus showing that less is often more.

AV 2130 GL - Darling in white

oneLine makes hearts beat faster. With shiny white fronts, Tipmatic opening mechanism and many more technical masterpieces, this kitchen knows how to convince. The worktop runs through to form a suspended dining table and adds an exciting effect to the design.

Explore the AV 2130

Real country style feeling – Modern country

Country style redefined. Our kitchen concept "Modern Country" offers the classic country style design with its iconic features and state-of-the-art technology for the inside as well as the outside. Like with all of our kitchens, the human is in the centre of interest - in perfect balance with the latest kitchen technology.

AV 6055 pastel green
AV 6055 pastel green
AV 6055 pastel green
AV 6055 pastel green

AV 6055 - Country life par excellence

The pastel green front in combination with the natural wood tone of the worktop transports the french Savoir-Vivre into the modern kitchen world. This kitchen welcomes you to start feasting, tasting and relaxing the "à la française" way of life.

Form follows emotion – Design, that inspires

systemat - these are kitchens with aspiration. Clear shapes put the usability, as well as the emotions in the centre of attention. After all, the kitchen is still the most important living space - cooking and baking, eating and drinking together are not the only occasions giving you a reason to stay. Today, the kitchen is a place of communication and interaction for every family member. What lies closer than to carefully start creating a kitchen and selecting the most beautiful design. High-quality surfaces please the eye. Modern technology offers comfort and relief. Remarkable highlights adding a unique character to each individual kitchen.

We at Häcker care for your kitchen dream to come true.

AV 5084 silver vintage oak
AV 1097 sand vintage oak . AV 6000 velvet blue
AV 5040 white
AV 6021 black oak
AV 6035 taupe
AV 6084 smoked oak
AV 7030 Silver Star
Ideas that inspire

Innovations from Häcker showed in the past that it is always worth to rethink kitchens as a whole. This especially applies to the system kitchen concept systemat. The perfect interplay between sophisticated technology, uncompromising quality and individual design convinces more people year after year.  We deliver solutions that make life easier.

Everything in its place – the perfect interior organisation makes it possible

We have got a thing for systematic organisation. You have the choice. With fully integrated drawers made from real wood, you will find the right place for everything you need in your kitchen. If you are looking for more individualism, you are absolutely right with MOVE. Four drawers in three different heights and two widths are the ideal solution for a customisable interior organisation for base and tall units. Every kitchen from Häcker masters the daily challenges with ease. Smart storage solutions provide a clear view of what is important.

Sustainability at Häcker

„What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.“ (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
Discover various activities and projects from Häcker in the scope of sustainability.

Sustainability report

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