Appreciation and respect for people, environment and nature

Häcker Kitchens has been strongly committed to sustainability for many years. Our production is carbon-neutral, we received awards for healthy furniture and planting flower meadows and trees. Furthermore, Häcker actively supports social institutions, such as a school in Sierra Leone (Africa). Discover Häcker's numerous sustainability projects. 

Kitchen manufactured by Häcker are carbon neutral

Häcker Küchen is the first and so far, only kitchen furniture manufacturer with an completely climate neutral product portfolio. This was confirmed by a CFP study by the “Fokus Zukunft” institute.

And it is becoming increasingly important to the consumers. Now with Häcker, you have the right product for high ecological awareness.

We adhere to carbon-neutral production methods

Sustainably produced kitchens for a better world

Häcker Kitchens produces carbon-neutrally and was awarded by the DGM as a carbon-neutral company. To this end, the kitchen furniture manufacturer from Rödinghausen had its own emissions recorded, has offset the positive savings already made within the company and compensated the remaining delta by acquiring climate protection certificates. 

With these certificates, Häcker supports reforestation projects, wind power projects as well as hydro-power projects. With its own labels, PURemission and PUResist, Häcker is leading in the field of healthy kitchen furniture. 

Official awards that distinguish us as a carbon-neutral company 

We support reforestation, wind power and hydro-power projects 

Acknowledgement for active climate protection measures 

Voluntary transparency through our sustainability report

Carbon neutral
Carbon neutral Certificate for a carbon-neutral production
[Translate to English:] Zertifikat Emissionsklasse A
Emissions label Certificate for environment and safety
[Translate to English:] Zertifikat Puremission
PURemission AirProtectionSystem - healthy furniture
[Translate to English:] Zertifikat Puresist
PUResist WaterProtectionSystem - Protection against moisture
[Translate to English:] Zertifikat Klimaneutraler Möbelhersteller
Carbon-neutral Certificate for climate protection of the DGM
Klimapakt Zertifikat
Climate Pact DGM guidelines for climate protection
Zertifikat Das Goldene M
Das Goldene M Award for healthy furniture
PEFC Support for sustainable forest management
% CO2

Our production is carbon neutral


trees and shrubs through tree-planting campaigns 

% Savings

in pneumatics/compressed air

flower meadow

% Green Electricity

from renewable energy


We at Häcker Küchen are responsible for sustainably managing what already exists and at the same time creating the basis for future growth. ‘Made in Germany' is one of Häcker Küchen's main strategies and will continue to secure jobs here in Germany for the future."

Markus Sander | Sales, Marketing and Controlling Manager

[Translate to English:] Hochbeet

Häcker’s raised bed - fragrant herbs with Mediterranean flair

In the training workshop, the apprentices have built a beautiful herb bed so that guests and employees of Häcker can enjoy fresh and healthy herbs. This now adorns the natural oasis in front of the Häcker lounge. Whether lavender, basil or thyme - herbs that grow here make every dish a special treat.

Environmentally friendly material for cargo stabilisation

Usually, foam blocks and polystyrene sheets are used during transport to secure high-value cargo.

Häcker has a better way. The company's trailers are equipped with sturdy paper bags filled with cardboard waste to secure the load.

This eco-friendly idea was developed by employees of the Häcker logistics department. Häcker promotes sustainable solutions.

Sustainability report

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Educational project in Africa

Häcker promotes and supports the Youth Development Project (YDP) in Sierra Leone, Africa, where 200 children receive an excellent education. The level of knowledge of these dedicated pupils in grade 2 largely exceeds that of grade 6 pupils in local public schools. More than 5,200 kilometres separate Germany from Sierra Leone in Africa. In terms of their standard of living, however, the countries are worlds apart. 

Social water Viva Con Agua

Häcker supports Viva con Agua. Water for all, all for water. Häcker offers Viva con Agua in all meeting rooms. In addition, the vending machines of all plants are stocked with this social water. 

We promote sport

As part of our commitment to football, we support the region and promote youth work. Our dedication to the region is also reflected in the sponsorship of SV Rödinghausen. 

We promote youth residential groups and day-care centres

One of many examples: Girls and boys aged between 9 and 17 years, who cannot live with their former families, found a new home in the Rödinghausen residential group. The youth welfare service takes care of the needs of children and adolescents, especially with regard to educational support. 

Häcker supported the sponsor of the institution by donating a modern built-in kitchen. In addition, Häcker provided kitchens for regional day-care centres to ensure that the children receive freshly prepared meals.