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You can now easily start your favourite route: Discover an exciting 360° tour, informative display signs and a varied in-house exhibition portal.

Browse through the in-house exhibition portal and be inspired

Click through the multi-faceted Häcker in-house exhibition portal and watch highlights, novelties as well as films and talks.

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Discover the Häcker showroom virtually on a 360° tour

Collect ideas and inspiration on a digital tour of the Häcker showroom. This is how you can easily find your personal dream kitchen.

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Inform yourself about each showroom kitchen with the Bunk labels

Each kitchen in our showroom has its own Bunk labels. Receive a lot of important information about fronts, worktops, handles and built-in appliances.

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Novelties in the Häcker showroom

Whether classic or systemat collection. Whether built-in appliances or kitchen accessories. There are many new things for you to discover.

From trend colours to new materials. Keeping up-to-date with what is new at Häcker has never been easier. You can find everything you need to know, right here.

More information about the new products

Merkur gl Carrara white

classic novelties

7 new fronts
1 new carcase colour

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systemat 3.0 Kitchen

systemat novelties

systemat 3.0
48 new fronts

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Dark Steel Blaupunkt

News about Blaupunkt 

new design
new functions

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Shelving system - Black

Programme-neutral equipment

12 new worktops
5 new backsplash panels
6 new handles
2 new channel handles
1 new shelving system
1 new access door

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Highlight in the Häcker showroom

Systemat 3.0 – a new level of dream kitchens

Häcker sets absolutely new standards with the performance package consisting of design carcase, visible side concept, lacquer competence, ergonomics and technology. Discover now what makes systemat 3.0 an outstanding kitchen.

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