We are happy to answer some frequently asked questions in advance:

I need the colour data in RAL tones!

Our colours are not orientated on RAL tones or similar designations.
Please contact a specialist paint dealer for colour matching using samples.

I need price information!

Please contact specialist dealers directly for prices, as we do not offer direct sales.

I need help planning/designing my kitchen!

As your expectations and needs regarding your fitted kitchen can only be determined on site, please contact your specialist dealer again regarding your enquiry. He will plan with you and be your local contact and service partner.

I want to complain/request guarantee services!

Your specialist dealer is the person to contact here. See the agreed contract for all guarantee services. Any objections of any kind should be submitted via your contractual partner.

I want to complain about an electrical appliance!

Please contact the manufacturer responsible directly. Click here for contact details.

I would like to order samples!

Our specialist dealer has numerous samples – please contact your retail partner directly.

I need information on delivery periods!

The delivery period for your kitchen depends on various factors, such as the scope and type of material. Please contact your retail partner for information.

Are you a certified company?

We are an award-winning company in the field of environmental and quality assurance. You can find an overview of our certificates here.